To merge or not to merge two great brands

We analyzed and calculated all the possibilities






Founded in 1985, Continente is the biggest retailer in Portugal. The first chain of hypermarkets in Portugal, today it is the benchmark for the national food retail sector. Its stores are located in major shopping centers throughout Portugal’s main cities.

Besides hypermarkets, it also used to operate supermarkets and mini-markets through its respective sub-brands Modelo Continente and Continente Bonjour. However, in March 2011, Continente launched a new brand strategy to combine the operations of their brands into one masterbrand – Continente. As a result of this initiative, the two sub-brands were renamed Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia.

By unifying its brand identity, Continente expanded brand role and visibility. It also developed stronger synergies between their three food store formats, increased relevance and national scale, and converged customer experiences, values, efforts and investments into one brand to establish Continente as the indisputable leader in the food distribution industry.

Interbrand played a major role in both the pre- and post-rebranding phases. Before the brand launch, Interbrand collaborated with Continente on brand strategy, valuation and architecture projects in order to achieve the best solution for Continente. Afterwards, Interbrand monitored and analyzed Continente and its sub-brands, since it was important to track the public’s reaction to its extensive rebranding effort. This work has helped Continente in making constant enhancements to its brand, reputation and marketing/communication efforts.