Redefining elegance

Courvoisier embodies heritage and modernity






L’Essence de Courvoisier is a blend of special reserves from the early 20th century and eaux-de-vie from the 1970s and 80s. Years in the making, this complex, elegant cognac “encapsulates the spirit of Courvoisier itself,” according to Courvoisier master blender Jean Marc Oliver. An important addition to the brand’s range, Courvoisier hoped to attract global attention from those who would enjoy the depth of flavor and relish the combination of rare cognacs. Over the course of 18 months, Interbrand worked with the Courvoisier team to design an exquisite decanter and premium outer box that would showcase the precious contents with taste and incomparable style.

To ensure a successful product launch, we developed a concept, story and packaging that would feel special and upscale, capture the essence of Courvoisier’s brand, and resonate with the target audience—connoisseurs who appreciate quality, authenticity and heritage.

Though contemporary and visually striking, the design also pays homage to Courvoisier’s rich heritage and connection with Napoleon Bonaparte. Since the droplet shape of the bottle is one of Courvoisier’s key visual equities, we put this element at the center of our design. To accentuate the preciousness of the L’Essence de Courvoisier blend, we fashioned a crystal bottle—hand-sculpted by over 30 craftsmen from the centuries-old crystal house, Baccarat—and suspended it in a gold frame. Topped with a finely crafted crystal stopper, this finishing touch was inspired by the diamond-studded signet rings Napoleon once bestowed upon commanders in his army to recognize their noble acts.

By reducing the design to its essentials and using tastefully opulent details to reflect the unique nature of the product as well as the values Courvoisier stands for—centuries of craftsmanship, passion for cognac, deep heritage and modern innovation—we created a graceful decanter that will ensure L’Essence de Courvoisier’s status as one of the crown jewels of Courvoisier’s permanent high-end offerings. As Courvoisier’s Global Brand Manager, Claire Richards, attests, “Interbrand has created a design that perfectly combines creativity, innovation and modernity, yet still incorporates Courvoisier’s rich heritage. We feel we have a decanter worthy of the precious cognac within.”