Bringing Lives Together

We helped create positive results for a new brand.






Our challenge was to create a brand name and identity that would be acceptable to 92 countries and 33 languages.

The new name, Covidien, comes from the Latin roots of “co,” which means together, and “vi”, which means life.

The new icon expresses Tyco’s mission to support the lifesaving work of medical professionals, while reinforcing its focus on integrated partnership. Two blue bracketed “Cs,” with light blue accents, convey the core values of Compassion and Collaboration, as well as the high quality, medical products at the heart of the Covidien brand.

The new name and identity were introduced to the company’s 45,000 employees, while an aggressive ad campaign, which included a spot at Fenway Park, publicly launched the new brand.

Our work continued with the creation of a new brand architecture, which reduced market-facing brands from over 6000 to 200. We also implemented an online brand approval manager and a new global signage program.

As of July 2008, we helped to redo over 2000 communication pieces and began the implementation of over several thousand new packages.

The client called Interbrand’s work, “the best I’ve ever seen.”