A credit agency with global sophistication

A name that elevates with positioning that differentiates





Credendo Group

In today’s global economy, export credit agencies, or ECAs, play a crucial role, providing risk coverage for those companies seeking to insure their international commercial transactions. The extent of their coverage includes the most diversified industries and assets—from power plants to technologies, and telecommunication networks to consumer goods.

Fully owned by the Belgian State, ONDD had its origins in the world’s second-oldest credit insurer, having been founded as the Delcredere Committee in 1921 and subsequently consolidated as the Office National du Ducroire | Nationale Delcrederedienst in 1939. By 2011, ONDD had developed into a group offering a full range of credit products through companies, branches, and joint ventures across multiple markets.

One of the implications of this growth was a complex, inconsistent and inefficient brand architecture, based on an internal and historical, rather than customer-focused and future-looking, perspective. In addition to this, the set of disparate names and identities (from Delcredere | Ducroire to ONDD, from TCRe and Ingo-ONDD to Garant and KUPEG) was unable to translate the group’s genuinely different angle and spirit into a deliberate positioning—a particularly critical element in a highly concentrated industry.

The process stemming from the partnership between ONDD and Interbrand was all-encompassing and cohesive, bringing together a wide array of left- and right-brain disciplines. An extensive stakeholder audit and quali-quantitative external evidence about each of the brands’ strengths were combined to build a solid, informed foundation.

The new brand architecture was selected on the basis of rigorous strategic criteria. The creation of a new, product- and entity-agnostic masterbrand was developed to federate a flexible number and variety of businesses and brands. The Delcredere | Ducroire brand, previously employed internationally for the short-term credit insurance line of business, proved to be the ideal option for the domestic-oriented long-term credit insurance business. A strong endorsement appeared to be the best way to leverage the other existing brand assets.

This combined to generate a customer-centric brand architecture, based on the range of specialty products offered by the group. The new “Turning Uncertainties into Opportunities” brand proposition was the centerpiece of the new group brand definition, and its elegantly provocative effectiveness paved the way to its use as a global tagline.

The new architecture, however, also created two naming voids. The quest for an internationally compelling group name which could also encompass the domestic linguistic challenges given by the Flemish/French duality led to the crafting of Credendo—a strong, resonant name derived from the Latin root for “belief” and “credit.” Credimundi emerged as the best identity for the international short-term credit insurance business.

The Group’s visual personality was inspired by the Credendo Group’s bespoke, granular approach—a smart contrast to the “size matters” stance adopted by key competitors. Combining the use of warm, unexplored color tonalities, subtly metamorphic logotypes, and the effective “tailor-stitch” motif, the new design positions Credendo in a way that plays to the strengths of the Group—as a sophisticated boutique providing the expertise to turn uncertainties into opportunities.