Rethinking the shape of a push-up leader

Wonderbra reveals its new packaging






Wonderbra, the iconic push-up bra brand, has been known since 1935 as the décolleté expert. But it was time to update the brand’s identity for a new generation of consumers. With that in mind, Wonderbra came to Interbrand to refresh its packaging and help rethink its brand territory.

The new packaging Interbrand created is inspired by Wonderbra’s brand heritage but it now embodies the spirit of the contemporary Wonderbra woman: one who is empowered and independent.

The packaging does away with objectifying the brand muse, emphasizes the model’s face more than her body, and makes the brand more relatable. The smiling model engages the consumer in a more direct, personal way, and also reminds her of the brand’s heritage and successful past campaigns.

In order to clarify the product offerings, packaging now employs a simple graphic system that categorizes according to the style of bra: Essentials, Innovations, or Glam. Interbrand also updated with striking contemporary colors (yellow and black), which are emblematic of the brand and differentiate it in the marketplace. Silver seals indicate levels of support, while evocative symbols reveal the type of effect created by the bra (e.g., “perfect plunge”) or special attributes such as gel inserts.

The new packaging allows this shape-enhancing pioneer to remain relevant, and confirms its leadership in the push-up market. The clean design, subtle metallic accents, as well as the presence of the model’s face, bring dynamism, freshness, and an approachable modern elegance. Now, a new generation of consumers can discover a brand that redefined fashion history—and will make them feel beautiful, sexy, and confident.