Take hold of your dreams

Positioning a market leader in the tourism sector





Der Touristik, DER, DERPART, DER.COM

REWE Touristik (now DER Touristik) is Germany’s second largest tourism group. Because the group has a diverse portfolio, it was not clear that various brands (sales, operator, and other private brands) belonged to this travel expert—until now.

Interbrand was asked to develop a new brand strategy and positioning to unite all the brands and create high visibility for the entire brand family. The goal of the new brand identity was to enhance perception of REWE Touristik as the market leader in the German-speaking world. While it would be important to create unity and coherence, the unique strengths of each brand would have to be preserved and accentuated.

To achieve this, Interbrand developed a strong brand idea based on the core values and competencies of the company. DER Touristik creates individualized experiences and transforms personal dreams into customized travel. Interbrand distilled the essence of this promise as "Träume fest im Griff” (Take hold of your dreams).

This idea was crucial for developing the visual identity, a flexible system that unifies DER Touristik ‘s brands and presents the diversity of travel experiences it offers in a unique way. An open, dynamic, and individualized design characterizes the three letters of the brand’s name (DER), which are accented by a graphic element representing a suitcase handle. Evoking travel and signifying the DER brand family, the logo Interbrand created is compact, eye-catching, and easy to interpret.