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Deutsche Telekom went from a public service company to a global player.





Deutsche Telekom

We were asked to develop a new corporate branding strategy and identity that would provide the brand with a unique, clearly defined and visible position in the telecommunications industry – tangible for both the employees and the greater public, across more than 65 countries.

Getting there required a great deal of flexibility and willingness to change. The highly recognizable magenta color scheme was revolutionary, and sent out a strong signal to customers and the industry. It is legally protected and now unmistakably stands for the Deutsche Telekom Group.

The umbrella brand "T" has become synonymous with quality, efficiency, and innovation worldwide. This symbol today unites three brands: T-Home, T-Mobile and T-Systems, which reflect the strategic positioning of Deutsche Telekom as an integrated telecommunications company.

We also helped create a retail store design, which strengthened the new attitude of Deutsche Telekom and reaffirmed the focus on customer service. Whoever enters a store today can truly experience the whole world of communications solutions, brought together in one place.

The integrated brand identity has been implemented throughout the entire chain of experience.

With our help, a state-owned company has transformed into a truly global and customer-oriented provider of modern ICT solutions with a unique brand experience.