Creating an immersive brand experience

A “Motion” store for an iconic lingerie retailer





The Motion Store

In 2011, Interbrand collaborated with the lingerie brand DIM on the development of a new visual identity. After examining the lingerie retailer’s brand positioning, Interbrand simplified DIM’s identity and created a more impactful one that pays homage to the brand’s elegant heritage but appeals to modern sensibilities—particularly those of younger consumers.

Following the success of the new identity, DIM continued their collaboration with Interbrand to translate the brand’s new look and feel into a chic retail experience. Building on the brand’s existing visual elements, we developed a unique concept, influenced by a particular blog, that would provide an immersive experience and establish DIM as a trend-savvy brand with a voice and point of view on fashion.

Incorporating typography, signage and fixtures inspired by the visual codes of the digital world, the main components of the design include: a playful display window that will be revamped every two months to reflect the latest trends, a central display of stockings (inspired by a totem pole) to celebrate the brand’s iconic product, a diversity of textures used across the store to complement the black and white color palette, and the use of fabric in the fitting rooms to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

The launch of two pilot stores in Paris in December 2012 will precede a rollout of the concept nationally.