Modernizing a brand rooted in heritage

DIM reinvents itself for a younger market






In 1958, ‘Bas Dimanche’ was launched as a brand of affordable good quality stockings for irresistible legs. Over the years they expanded into lingerie while continuing to engage its customers through product variations and creative campaigns.

Since its creation the DIM logo underwent little evolution. Although the logo scored high on awareness, impact, and elegance (due to its French association), it needed to make an impression on younger audiences while maintaining its elegant and high quality image.

Interbrand re-examined the brand positioning and simplified the visual identity. We developed a new logo based on the brand’s heritage and focused on the future. We maintained the original color palette while modifying the form and adding volume. The new logo reinforces innovation, simplicity, and modernity. It is visually more impactful in communicating the brand message: history and heritage combined with a modern vision.

Interbrand also developed a brand book and graphic guidelines that talk about the new identity, several packaging applications, and other applications such as point of sale communication, posters, and press. Our work enables DIM to be a brand that is relevant and which a youth can identify with: initial tests show that the brand’s proximity with a younger audience increased from 13% to 32%, likability increased from 54% to 63%, while its fashion quotient increased from a 64% to 70%.