A feeling that lasts

How we helped position DOW XLA™ for long-term success.






As an ingredient brand belonging to Dow Fiber Solutions, DOW XLA™ is positioned in the premium segment. It is the perfect material for manufacturers who design clothing that is suited to today’s active lifestyles – whether it is for tailored, ready to wear, denim, intimate, active, or professional wear.

In order to match the premium quality of the brand, our task was to create an emotionally appealing new brand identity that communicated the key product benefits as well as the new brand idea.

We focused our new brand positioning on the around the clock feeling of extreme comfort made possible through the use of the DOW XLA™ fiber in clothing.

Like the XLA fiber itself, which is combined with a host fiber to create an easy-care weave that is also very comfortable to wear, the new logo communicated the sensation of luxuriousness and continuous ease of motion that is found within clothing using DOW XLA™.

Conceived as a prototypical example for the future introduction of additional Dow product brands, the development of the DOW XLA™ brand worldwide demonstrates that a strong, emotionally appealing brand idea is the fundamental basis for positioning the brand for long-term success in a variety of cultures and business segments.