Making it happen

We helped DSM execute their new brand strategy.






DSM, the global life and material sciences company, had just minted a new corporate brand positioning. It asked us for help executing its new strategy.

By interviewing company employees and analyzing competitors for clues, we identified three areas of “Brand Points of Impact” (BPIs). These were areas within the organization where a revitalized corporate brand could create real value for the business. These were hard metrics like revenue, margin, employee retention rates, employee recruitment measures, marketing efficiencies, and response from financial markets.

After scouring employee data, customer satisfaction surveys, recruiting profiles, company financials, and anything else we could get our hands on, we quantified a realistic estimate of potential brand impact. We loaded these estimates into a financial model and used risk simulation algorithms to estimate the benefit of a new corporate brand at each point of impact.

The result was a year-one discounted Return on Brand Investment (ROBI) projection ranging from 170 to 260 percent, and an ability for the brand manager to better explain to the board how brand impacts the organization while connecting that impact to real value.

For the client, this also meant the difference between defending a budget request and proving a case for increased investment.