El Almendro gets a new look

Updating the corporate image and packaging of a classic brand





El Almendro

Delaviuda Group, one of the greatest nougat manufacturers worldwide, wanted to expand internationally.

To meet its goal, it decided to update the image of its most traditional and high quality brand (El Almendro).  The idea was to implement the change throughout its entire product range to differentiate itself from its competitors and increase consumer awareness.

Interbrand’s challenge was to update El Almendro and its product packaging, without compromising its original values of quality, tradition, artisanal production.

We achieved this with an updated typography that subtly transmits a more contemporary image. Meanwhile, the more practical and less confusing packaging system helps consumers distinguish between the wide range of El Almendro’s productions.

The final result is an attractive, differentiated product that is adapted to current market demands. The final product has gained strength on the supermarket shelf space, providing better functionality and clarify to consumers.