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We created a distinct retail experience for Deutsche Telekom.





Telekom Shop

Strong brands occupy space and convey the brand personality in their entirety. Interior architecture, the shape of the furnishings and the materials used, the communication media, the way employees behave, and the clothes they wear—all of these elements are part of a three-dimensional experience and help ensure that the brand personality is properly expressed.

As a result, shop designers face a classic conflict of objectives. On the one hand, the shop needs to express the brand values in a distinct and impressive way. On the other hand, it is expected to sell as many products as possible, even when the cost of renting commercial real estate at attractive downtown locations is at an all-time high.

Deutsche Telekom’s new Telekom shop is Interbrand’s response to both challenges. It presents the brand in a distinctive manner, while placing the shop at the center of the sales strategy. It takes into account both the external and internal, to create the most fulfilling brand experience possible.

The big “T” on the shop façade is visible from afar and stands out among the noise of the urban jungle, while large display windows, which expose the customer to the inside of the store, give the shop an approachable, inviting appearance. High-resolution screens in display windows and on the stage in the rear of the store echo current ad campaigns, TV commercials, and billboards. Seasonal window decorations call out and attract passers-by, inviting them inside.

Customers visit the shop for different reasons: some know exactly what they want to buy, others are looking for information, and many just want to look around. The design of the Telekom shops takes all of these different motivations into consideration, with service playing a key role. The consultation areas are geared towards customers' needs in each respective situation. There is a seating area for customers with service requests and a multi-touch, touch screen where a shop employee can provide one-on-one advice about tariffs and services. Similarly, a sales conversation takes place where the devices are displayed, so customers can try out the products for themselves.

Additionally, merchandise is presented clearly and conveniently, within easy reach. Customers can explore, find the best package offers, and try out devices. Special displays for manufacturers' brands offer plenty of opportunities for interaction. A new area in the front of the shop that features a multimedia table for downloading, games, music, or browsing invites customers to relax and stay a few minutes.

No brand can thrive without the enthusiasm and understanding of its employees. That’s why training programs for employees were put in place, to ensure that the customer experience is quintessentially Telekom during every phase of their visit to the shop.

For Deutsche Telekom the shop is not only the most important sales platform, but also one of the key customer touchpoints of the brand. A distinctive and differentiating retail concept sets the brand apart from the competition.