Shining the light on branding

How we helped Dong Suh create a low-cal, high-interest cereal brand





Light Up

When Dong Suh Foods (Dong Suh) introduced a new cereal product to its portfolio, the company enlisted Interbrand to drive the new addition’s visibility, value and competitiveness—specifically with Kellogg’s Special K brand, which had a head start in the diet cereal sector.

Leveraging the fiber-rich cereal’s greatest strength and biggest point of differentiation—its nutritionally balanced ingredients—Interbrand developed an expressive brand name whose meaning would help inform communications across all touchpoints—“Light Up.”

“Light Up” had a twofold message. One, to promote well-being through healthy weight loss; and two, to empower consumers to light up their lives and discover new possibilities through a balanced diet.

Reinforcing the brand name in the cereal’s packaging, Interbrand balanced the essence of the product as a diet food with a fresh, youthful aesthetic that would successfully engage target consumers (women in their 20s and 30s).

Coupled with a variety of launch events and advertising to generate brand awareness, the cereal became a hard-to-miss choice, flying off shelves and making it a big seller.