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We used our expertise to calculate Doosan’s brand royalty rate.





Doosan Infra Core

In the course of establishing its holding company, Doosan Group asked Interbrand to calculate a royalty rate for the brand Doosan, in order to apply the rate to its subsidiaries.

We conducted an on brand royalty rate calculation project for Doosan Infra Core and Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, which lead the high contribution shares of the group’s business.

Our work maximized Doosan’s credibility, as well as the objectivity of its analysis, by securing a sufficient number of samples through close coordination with the client. Additionally, we segmented the company’s business units for the purpose of calculating brand royalty rate. We also suggested a suitable royalty rate after conducting financial and role of brand analysis on the distinct units.

Our presentation of the economic benefits of the Doosan brand in an analytical manner yielded high client satisfaction. Overall, Doosan was far more satisfied with our work than they would have been with a uniform application of the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) method.