Measuring brand reputation

We helped Fundação EDP understand its brand perception





Fundação EDP

Fundação EDP is a private, non-profit institution that was formed by EDP - Energias de Portugal, S.A. in December 2004.

Since the beginning, EDP Group has been committed to unity. Fundação EDP has reaffirmed this commitment by asserting its modernism and supporting important causes in Portugal. In particular, it is devoted to studying and disseminating issues related to energy and the environment, though it also sponsors and promotes cultural, educational and social initiatives.

In 2011, Fundação EDP hired Interbrand to measure its brand reputation – or its ability to generate interest, demand and future income – against other corporate and non-corporate foundations. By establishing an affinity with their various stakeholders by their activities, foundations have a great opportunity to increase their reputation.

Interbrand not only created a model to measure Fundação EDP’s reputation, but also constructed a holistic tool to improve its reputation, manage its communication strategy and, ultimately, create value to become one of the main benchmarks in social development.