Relaunching an Australian Icon

We helped set Elders on the path to renewed growth.






Clients have always been at the heart of Elders since its inception 169 years ago. As Australia’s largest agribusiness services company, Elders is synonymous with serving rural Australian communities and is a multi-billion dollar business.

Having expanded into providing financial and real estate services to rural Australians, the key to Elder’s future growth was successfully expanding its footprint and services into regional Australia.

Yet, our valuation of the brand in mid 2005 highlighted the need for a more robust brand framework to ensure Elders relevance to a new, younger, and potentially larger customer base.

Our challenge in creating a more progressive elders brand was to balance the contemporary positioning with Elders’ heritage and authenticity. In order to create the new brand framework, we had to understand the nuances of Elders and their culture: that clients come first at all times, that Elders is an understated organization, and that change takes time – values that are at the heart of rural Australia.

Staff workshops across the branch network helped engage employees, ensuring that the essence and spirit of the transitioning Elders brand was captured. The brand framework included a new business vision, Elders first brand essence, systematic brand architecture, a brand stretch model, a new brand positioning, messaging guidelines, and a refreshed brand identity. And yet, perhaps even more important was Elders’ new understanding that its brand is its most valuable asset and its key driver.

Elders has launched a significant engagement program to its 3,500 staff across Australia outlining its business vision, new organizational structure and how the Elders brand will not only reinforce its place with rural Australian customers, but open new frontiers with regional Australia.