A journey from function to emotion

We unify the Basque transport network under a friendly, future-oriented brand






Euskotren is a commuter, inter-city and urban transit operating company that offers passenger services in the Basque Country. Although the transport network has roots in the provinces it serves, its brand was anchored in the functionality of transport rather than its rich history and lacked appeal on an emotional level. In order to forge a deeper connection between the transport company and its passengers, Interbrand developed a unique positioning and set of values that were encapsulated by the tagline: “te llevamos dentro” (“we carry you on the inside”).

Emphasizing intimacy, safety and protection, we positioned Euskotren as not only a brand that helps one get from point A to point B, but a brand that cares about the experience of passengers and ensures their safe travel, enabled by modern technology.

Beginning with a logo refresh, we developed a new visual identity to reflect this positioning, refining their existing ”e” symbol into a more abstract, contemporary logo. Unifying old and new, as well as various aspects of the transport network; the updated logo modernized the brand while maintaining continuity with the preceding look. Due to their functionality and the fact that they are recognizable, current color associations were preserved (blue for the train, green for the tram, red for the cargo, and yellow for the bus).

The strategic positioning and new design transformed Euskotren from a functional brand, rooted in the past, into a brand with emotional appeal, a rich history, a unified identity and a strong vision for the future.