FC Dinamo Tbilisi.

Relaunching a football icon.





FC Dinamo Tbilisi

FC Dinamo Tbilisi is a Georgian football team, based in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Once part of one of the leading sport societies in the Soviet Union since it was established in the 1930’s, FC Dinamo Tbilisi remained a top-performing team until the early 1980’s when the club hit a rocky period. Since then, the team has experienced highs and lows, vacillating between championship performance and seasons fraught with struggle. However, with full modernization of the club and reconstruction of the Dinamo Arena underway, it’s no surprise that the client’s brief stressed one overarching message: Tell the world that FC Dinamo Tbilisi is back.

The primary objective was to revive the Dinamo brand from the old glory days and anchor it in the present to build a brighter future. The brand also wanted to represent Georgia in Europe and Europe in Georgia, acquire trust from fans of all generations, be perceived as a global brand and thus become a more attractive partner for Georgian companies.

With a new logo at the core of Dinamo Tbilisi's revitalized identity, Interbrand developed a new visual language that incorporates the brand's heritage and represents Dinamo as a family. To play up the heritage factor, we brought back the classic Dinamo "D" logo, which is linked to many great stars and successes and likely to stir nostalgia among those who remember the team in its finest hours.

Solidifying the brand’s identity, we combined the "D" with a falcon, the symbol of the city of Tbilisi. By reviving the brand’s vintage look and restoring a sense of place and history, Interbrand gave Dinamo Tbilisi a unique identity and helped differentiate it from competing FC Dinamos from other countries.

To express unity and team spirit, we also developed a pattern to symbolize the Dinamo family. Each pattern element represents an individual team, while all of the elements woven together represent the family of Dinamo. Additionally, the traditional colors (blue and white) were enhanced with red and gold as secondary colors, giving the club its nobility and fighting character back.

With big plans for the future and a new identity that ties the club to a specific region and references its rich origins and championship history, FC Dinamo Tbilisi is poised for a powerful comeback.