A new brand scores big

We carved out the spirit of unity for the world’s most popular sport.





2002 Korea Japan World Cup

For the first time in FIFA’s history, two countries hosted the 2002 World Cup. Also in 2002, the World Cup was in Asia – another first.

FIFA needed an emblem to represent the two host countries of Korea and Japan; one that would be accepted by international culture, be creative and appropriate for merchandising and media, and maintain FIFA’s unique brand identity. Importantly, the identity needed to communicate the spirit of unity embodied by the world’s most popular sport.

The co-hosts wanted to bring the world together through this great tournament as well as demonstrate the harmony and unity that they could achieve together. Thus, Interbrand positioned the tournament as "shared excitement" and produced an identity that built upon the artistic principles and traditions of Korea and Japan. We also created the 2002 mascots and main event posters.

In 1998, the year of the last World Cup, two billion people watched on television. In 2002, with greater branding, media attention, and its location in the world’s most populous region, this number jumped even higher to 2.9 billion. The result has been increased awareness of the sport and event, more grassroots involvement, and a fantastic rise in revenue for FIFA.