Memphis Meltdown

Bigger than Ben Hur





Memphis Meltdown

A delicious but down-to-earth New Zealand ice cream brand, Memphis Meltdown was launched in September 1997. Evolving into a bolder, brasher brand by 2005, Memphis Meltdown was repositioned to deliver an indulgent, no-holds-barred experience to a specific target: males, 17-35 years. The first product released after the repositioning was the Big Nuts variant, which was later followed by similarly positioned products. Since these were brought to market with more emphasis on the products than the brand, all the equity was in the products, while awareness of the Memphis Meltdown brand itself remained low.

To become more relevant to the target market and make its brand as desirable as its products, Memphis Meltdown needed to reposition again to drive consumer love for the brand.

To address this challenge, Interbrand New Zealand designed a range of packaging for Memphis Meltdown that would fuel the “Memphis Crave” and convey the big proportions and excessively decadent nature of the product. We created an out-of-this-world land of Memphis, full of chocolate and big, chunky inclusions of biscuit, nuts and brownie. The “bigger than Ben Hur” logo evokes a strength and solidness that appeals to men who want a satisfying ice cream snack that’s extra-large, extra-manly and loaded with flavor.

The repositioned Memphis Meltdown range of products was launched into the New Zealand market in August 2013 and is already creating a lot of buzz.