One powerful leader

Gemalto’s sum is larger than its constituent parts.






To be perceived as an indisputable world player, Gemalto’s new identity had to appear larger than the sum of its constituent parts. And its constituent parts were great-- 11,000 employees, 85 nationalities, 23 production sites, 11 R&D centers, and 100 sales and marketing offices.

Interbrand recommended a proprietary symbol to demonstrate Gemalto’s leadership. The symbol combined the ending letter “o” with a sparkle suggesting inspiration and possibility.

The new brand identity, successfully developed under the core idea, “Security to be free,” embodies trust and security – a concept reinforced by the interconnected typography to convey efficiency and stability.

This new positioning creates a range of possibilities that extend well beyond the perimeter of current activities, enabling Gemalto to play an increasing role in the creation of future applications and in the definition of new standards.

Interbrand’s work was awarded the 2006 Top Com Corporate Business.