Meet the alpha of luxury sedans

We helped GM Daewoo create a new paradigm for premium automotive value






Brand awareness and customer loyalty were relatively low for GM Daewoo in the luxury sedan market. So when the company decided to introduce a new high-performance, European style luxury sedan to its line of vehicles, it asked Interbrand to help name the new addition.

With a goal of elevating the automobile’s visibility and value to consumers, the name Interbrand and GM Daewoo finally selected was “Alpheon.”

A compound of the words “alpha” (which signifies the best, the finest, the first) and “eon” (which means “eternal time”), Alpheon successfully mirrors the company’s “New Paradigm of Premium” brand concept . The name’s combination of fluid sounds and vibrant undertones also reinforces the image of a progressive luxury vehicle with effortless, powerful performance capabilities—paving the path for GM Daewoo to position itself as a leader in supreme driving experiences.