One brand: two worlds

How Grupo Peñaflor became one of the world’s top 10 wine groups.





Grupo Peñaflor

Our challenge was to foster integration among all the wineries, while maintaining each winery’s separate identity and marketing position.

The new brand strategy reflected the fusion of two radically different worlds. The first was an emotional world embodied by the wine mystique, where the land, the wine, and the winemaker are involved. The second was infused with DLJ’s new management: extreme professionalism, the best practices, and world class procedures.

Through its shapes, colors, and typography, Grupo Peñaflor’s new visual identity conveys the group’s geographic location as well as its duality as a larger world class company made up of small traditional wineries. The classic typography positions it as an elegant, authoritative, and sophisticated, while the more contemporary typeface showcases its freshness and dynamism.

Today, thanks to a brand vision that’s as full-bodied and complex as its wines, Grupo Peñaflor is one of the world’s top 10 wine groups and first in Latin America.