Bringing fashion to life

A coherent story for a diverse group of beauty counter shoppers.





Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette, a globally recognized and celebrated brand, known since its creation in the 19th century for Parisian chic and French elegance, has a clear ambition: “Bring fashion to life.”

We worked with Galeries Lafayette to revamp its beauty counter in all of its stores to truly deliver on this brand promise.

We created a walk-through that mimics the experience of reading a fashion magazine, and delivers on the theme of accessible glamour. Our editorial images serve as style inspiration to customers.

Products are organized by category, rather than brand: makeup, skincare, and perfume all have their own displays. This allows shoppers to have the opportunity to choose between big name brands and affordable brands in one space. To ensure that all the space tells one coherent story, we used color codes, material, and lightning, which work together to unify the different categories.

The design particularly does justice to the retailer’s vast men's products offer by creating a separate and more serene space that takes into account men’s shopping patterns.

Overall, Galeries Lafayette’s new beauty counter is an inclusive experience designed to take into account the diverse behavior patterns of its shoppers. By creating an overarching and compelling theme, it brings fashion to life and fully delivers on Galeries Lafayette’s brand promise.

The first beauty counter opened in Tours in 2010, and the new design is scheduled to roll out across France, in conjunction with its store renovation program.