Brighter living: better brand

We used our brand savvy to help Godrej shine.






Helping the business conglomerate Godrej tap into the zeitgeist of modern India made sure it would stay relevant to a demanding new audience.

It seems everyone in India has an opinion about Godrej. The family owned giant of industry, consumer products, and the biggest property holder in India has been a household name for over 110 years.

But despite a strong reputation for trust and reliability, it was in danger of being identified with the past, especially by a younger audience.

This could have been a big problem when you consider that by 2010, half the Indian population will be under 25, and that India as a nation is looking to the future.

The company that could harness this mood of optimism would benefit immensely from the opportunity of modern India – and it could leverage it across its wide diversity of businesses.

To do just that, we defined a new brand positioning by signalling Godrej’s commitment to innovation. “Brighter Living” also articulates the positive effect Godrej has on the lives of the hundreds of millions of Indians who use one of its products every day.

Godrej is part of the fabric and heritage of India. With a renewed sense of optimism, the brand is already growing into the country’s future – and towards its ambitious targets – as well.