Irresistible lingerie at irresistible prices

A new twist: mix & match






Specialized lingerie brands face increased competition from clothing lines that are expanding their offers to include stylish lingerie at an attractive price point. In response to this competition, Etam, a leading women’s fashion brand in European and Chinese markets, aimed to enhance their own offer by developing a fun, trendy lingerie and loungewear brand at an affordable price. With the 18-25 demographic in mind, Etam solicited Interbrand’s expertise to develop the positioning, identity and a retail concept for the new brand.

Breathing some fresh air into the world of lingerie, our team devised an edgy mix & match concept that would challenge the ultra-coordinated industry standard. The brand logo, feel of the retail space, as well as the look of the collection itself, also challenge industry norms, which tend toward stereotypically feminine textures and designs and often default to equally stereotypical color choices like pink. Inviting both men and women to browse, the logo and retail space are deliberately designed for unisex appeal, avoiding gender-specific visual clichés. While the name Undiz suggests a casual, gender-neutral term for underwear and sets a playful tone, adding a “z” appears to Europeanize the name and gives it a hint of sophistication.

Striking a harmonious balance between masculine and feminine, the store design is modern and sexy, without being frilly, while the neutral backdrop ensures that the collection’s bright colors pop. With a frisky name, an unconventional identity, a dynamic retail environment and revenues reaching 21 500€/m2, Undiz has livened up the lingerie market with a new attitude. Officially validating the brand’s appeal and effectiveness, our concept won the l’Enseigne d’Or de l’Efficacité Commerciale award in 2011.