Global made easy

We helped Hyatt maintain a cohesive brand.





Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

With close to 400 hotels, resorts, and properties in the Hyatt Hotels & Resorts network worldwide, Global Hyatt Corporation is one of the world’s premier hotel companies.

But managing eight brands on five continents presented a challenge. The Hyatt brand was divided among international and domestic marketing managers, with often incorrect and outdated assets and collateral on multiple sites. Not only did this frustrate users, but it ultimately led to marketing materials and collateral being created outside the approved system.

After analyzing the needs of Global Hyatt Corporation, we created an online center for all of Hyatt’s marketing needs.

The Hyatt Brand Manager stores brand standards and guidelines, logos, images, and facility file fact sheets online. Our customized Ad Builder allows marketing managers to build, print, save, and submit highly customized, regional and local advertisements and collateral using pre-approved brand assets. And to top it all of, both items are available for users around the world to access and download, all at the push of a button.

The reporting tools we developed allows Hyatt to record who is accessing the site, the number and frequency of templates being used, as well as what assets are no longer relevant, or overused. Meanwhile, constant updates and enhancements ensure the site evolves along with its marketing needs.

With access to brand approved templates and assets from anywhere, at anytime, users downloaded more than 10,000 images from the site in 2008 alone, and the number of collateral pieces created and approved within the system tops 1,000.

Our brand manager has become integral to Hyatt’s marketing plan and boosted Global Hyatt Corporation’s firm position as one of the world’s most recognized and highly regarded brands.