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Gaining global recognition






Hytera, a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile radio communications equipment, is dedicated to bringing valuable solutions to clients across the world. Hytera offers complete and customized communication solutions to sectors like government, public security, utility, transportation and business for higher organizational efficiency.

After 17 years of rapid growth, HYT (as it was known at the time) was undergoing a swift transformation and shifting its focus to the global market. To gain greater recognition and appeal to a wider audience that included partners, key clients, and stakeholders, HYT needed to be rebranded.

After a thorough research and analytical effort, Interbrand built a new global brand, Hytera, to meet the client’s business objectives. Interbrand helped Hytera clarify its vision and mission, identify branding opportunities and establish a new brand strategy, which included brand positioning and naming. In March 2010, "Hytera," the new corporate brand name, was officially released and helped the brand gain awareness on a global scale.