Leaping into a world class university

We created a new identity for Hanyang University.





Hanyang University

Hanyang University, one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea, has created a new history, which it hopes will launch it into the ranks of the world’s top universities. To help its new initiative, we established an integrated university identity system so it can effectively carry out internal and external communication in the future.

With Hanyang University’s six strategies—creative education, leading research, promotion of international cooperation, systems innovation, intelligent campus, and establishment of networks—in mind, we set the “cultivation of next global leaders” as a primary goal to establish its university identity system. Additionally, while remaining true to Hanyang’s core academic legacy, we renewed its existing visual identity into a more modern and prosperous image with its tradition and culture intact.

It is meaningful that we enabled Hanyang to obtain a differentiated identity that reflects its authoritative, but unique institutional characteristics.