Accelerating Hyundai and Kia

Fueling new momentum through global and regional brand valuation.





Hyundai Motor Company

We’ve done brand valuation work for Hyundai Motor Company since 2005. Recently, it asked us to determine the current brand value of Kia Motors Company and we established a brand strategy to help Kia to join the 100 Best Global Brands.

Using our 2010 updated brand valuation methodology, we recognized that Hyundai Motor’s brand value showed obvious growth over the previous year. In fact, among the 10 automotive brands listed on the 100 Best Global Brands, it demonstrated the fastest growth.

Based on this brand valuation, we built strategies for the two independent brands to leverage their brand strengths and also set the brand value goal for the coming ten years.

This year, Hyundai Motor continued its upward growth by ranking 65th on the 2010 BGB and is firmly establishing its global presence.