Insper: A brand created to inspire

An institution that turns learning into experience.






IBMEC Educacional and IBMEC São Paulo were two educational institutions that held a common origin but operated as two independent companies and schools.

They had different business objectives, distinct market positions, and acted in different geographical regions.

IBMEC São Paulo needed to change its name and review its position by seeking a completely distinct brand identity. We were called upon to articulate the new brand strategy, create the new school brand (name and logo), and plan a secure migration strategy from the current brand to the new one.

After much creative deliberation, Insper emerged as the winner. The new name and visual identity aligned perfectly with the brand strategy and helped with the construction of a strong and differentiated brand.

We created a unique position fully aligned to the objectives and characteristics of the school. The position also addressed the international scene and Insper’s unique integration of research and teaching.

Our communications plan mapped the actions from pre-launch on, in order to support and guide the school through its brand transition. This would ensure consistency in the construction of the new brand.