Washing away the competition

How we helped launch a bestseller.






Its creation was based on a simple question: why do people have to kneel to load and unload a washing machine, when you can simply raise the window nearer to the users? Meanwhile, Aqualtis outperformed the competitors with a high capacity, top quality and performance standards, and a sleek design.

In order to convey its benefits, we had to create a simple, memorable, and engaging name that communicated back to the consumer.

Aqualtis seamlessly combines the concepts of washing (aqua), quality (qualitas), and height (altis) into an elegant, harmonic, and cross-linguistic name that conjures images of the ocean’s depth.

And unlike other product names in the appliance industry, which typically end up as trademarks that are used for little more than catalog reference, Ariston invested in an award-winning campaign so that Aqualtis would ignite consumer desire.

After two years on the market, Aqualtis has cleaned up the competition. Its name can be read in one million houses across Europe.

It has also become the hero product of the Ariston range – so much, in fact, that when in 2007 Ariston migrated to Hotpoint-Ariston, Aqualtis was used as the element of continuity between the two brands.