How to generate international customers

We helped Interes create a recognizable and friendly name.






Because its name is a complicated and excessively long acronym, it is not easily recognizable be anyone outside of Spain.

S.E.P.A.I.E. needed to create a new name and a new brand identity to raise its profile in foreign countries and draw investment.

After two naming process rounds, they chose "Interes," symbolizing "International España" (Spain) and "interest."

To keep in line with the inviting and easy to remember name, we created a new brand identity that focused on a positive international image and Spain’s character. We also created a mini brand guide and a numerous brand applications for launching the company.

To build its international clientele, we led a brand strategy that focused on bolstering the brand’s international presence.

We are currently working with Interes in the areas of corporate literature, retail design, and advertising formats as well as the production of a corporate video.