Making over an icon

How we reenergized JoonAng m&b’s four leading magazine brands





Women’s JoongAng, CeCi, Sure, LemonTree

Looking to elevate its visibility and competitiveness, JoongAng m&b charged Interbrand with developing a renewed, one-of-a-kind brand identity system for its four magazines: Women’s JoongAng, CeCi, Sure and LemonTree.

To bring the expression of each publication to life, Interbrand drew from the magazines’ unique cover designs while leveraging additional creative elements (including fonts, layouts, icons and color schemes) to create distinct brand identity tools.

Additionally, Interbrand developed a word mark for Women’s JoongAng depicting women as full-fledged leaders; boosted the legibility of CeCi’s original logo; refreshed Sure’s brand identity system to convey its stylish, smart sensibility; and implemented an innovative, label-like design approach for LemonTree, successfully positioning it as a trendy lifestyle magazine.

JoongAng m&b is Korea’s first publisher to adopt a unique identity system for its magazines—ushering in a new chapter in communication and brand expression that allows each to make its mark in a truly individualistic way.