May the best brand win

A new brand helped Juventus score.






The challenge for Juventus was to make the big shift from a winning club to a true global brand.

Any football club has a clear and obvious mission – to win. So the difference between brands comes from those core values, which bond people around the same flag.

Following an all-round audit and research, we focused on the three core values that would distinguish Juventus as a brand – excellence, legacy, and passion.

We refreshed the logo so the Juventus name is now the fulcrum of the crest. It is underscored by a new graphic element, and the bond with the city of Turin is symbolized by the city’s heraldry.

Launched in 2004, the new brand identity was greeted with interest and enthusiasm by the international business and sports communities and by football fans everywhere.

Whether facing ensuing victories or the crisis of the Italian tournament in 2006, the strengthened Juventus brand has showed it can both catalyze enthusiasm and weather any storm.