Helping JAL blossom again

SAKURA Lounge –
Symbol of a fresh new start





Japan Airlines

The construction of a new international terminal at the Tokyo International Airport opened up the chance for Japan Airlines to revitalize their brand through the development of a new airport lounge. Interbrand was asked to first redefine the core values of JAL and to create a brand experience that would reflect those values and help boost the service morale of JAL employees.

We studied JAL’s origins, its foundational values and what values are important to the brand and its consumers today. We then developed a plan for designing a new symbol for the reborn JAL brand.

In planning Sakura Lounge, JAL’s signature airport lounge, we analyzed which services were the most essential for customers before and after their flights, and then set up four zones characterizing these elements. Our goal was to create a new, high-quality business class experience that would fill the core needs: a space that would be easily accessible, possible to work from or to rest in and relax.

The project inspired employees and led to improved service, giving a boost to JAL’s identity and symbolizing the JAL brand’s rebirth – which like a Sakura (“cherry blossom” in Japanese) itself has weathered a rough winter to emerge blossoming at the advent of a new spring.