Building a Global Brand Center

KPMG's digital asset management system becomes less taxing






As one of the largest professional services companies in the world, with a global network of professional audit and tax advisory firms, KPMG has an extensive need for digital asset management in order to maintain brand consistency.

KPMG’s online brand portal did not have the efficiencies needed to maintain and organize brand materials such as logos and artwork, branding guidelines and other assets, so they sought a more functional approach to deploy information worldwide.

Interbrand was tasked with creating an innovative and user-friendly Global Brand Center within an extremely challenging timeline. Beginning with an in-depth audit phase, we discovered that KPMG’s brand site had several distinct issues:

• Its assets were disorganized, incorrectly cross-referenced and improperly linked to many of the guideline pages, which were incomplete

• The extensive photography library lacked the intuitive tools needed for users to make informed choices

• Due to over-complication and search functionality issues, employees used the brand site infrequently, if at all. The site had become a “dumping ground” for various projects, content, and assets

Our solution was to create a Brand Center that was tailored specifically for KPMG’s needs, including an extensive content overhaul. The approach was to simplify content by dividing it into two categories: guidelines and assets. Next, we applied organization-enhancing methods including, but not limited to:

• Web formatting

• Site architecture

• Navigation

• Functionality

• File naming

• Asset organization

• Nomenclature

• Tagging relations

• Keywording

• Cross-referencing

Interbrand translated a 170-page guideline into a cohesive 80 page web-ready format. To transpose the printed guidelines into web-enabled, user-friendly content, we created a clear page hierarchy based on navigation and frequency of use. We carefully considered relationships between internal and external wireframes and linked assets accordingly. Through the use of tables, HTML, and customized cascading style sheets (CSS) we formatted content to be interactive and intuitive. The resulting online guidelines were visually pleasing without sacrificing functionality.

Interbrand also streamlined KPMG’s brand communications into a concentrated library of 8,000 assets. We applied best practices for full searchability, cohesive relationships to the site’s content, and a systematic batch upload that was tagged with relevant keywords and information.

The KPMG Global Brand Center was launched on July 1, 2013. The Brand Center is a study in the importance of asset hierarchy and nomenclature, simple navigation, and effective organization. Interbrand’s work enables all brand users, vendors, and agencies to easily source relevant brand material and participate in KPMG’s online community.

To ensure ongoing effectiveness and future success of the Brand Center, administrators were trained so that with simple maintenance, the site can be sustained independently. Along with user-group permissions, Brand Managers can now create a custom browsing experience to help site visitors learn and govern the brand specific to the audience. This intuitive and unique experience will also help KPMG achieve higher levels of brand consistency across all areas of its business.