A builder with retail intelligence

Creating a strong brand across two categories






Klépierre is a French real estate investment company that specializes in commercial real estate. It develops, owns and manages hundreds of shopping malls across Europe. To ensure its leadership as the second principal player in the European market, Klépierre chose Interbrand to restructure its brand portfolio and revitalize its corporate brand. The brand identity, which was bland and underutilized, reinforced a limited perception of the brand as a “builder.” It did not effectively convey the company’s retail expertise—a lost opportunity considering its specialty in this area. To address these issues, Interbrand created a new identity that would help Klépierre break out of the builder pigeonhole, gain recognition as a commercial real estate leader, and forge a closer relationship with its audiences.

Interbrand teams thoroughly evaluated the brand by conducting interviews, field and market studies, and workshops with clients. This research informed the development of a new brand platform that was more accessible and in line with Klépierre’s values and expertise.

To translate this new identity, Interbrand created a logo that embodies Klépierre’s history, its origins in the real estate business, and its forward-looking vision. The new logo represents the “K” initial in a very stylized way, reflecting the construction world and using a sense of movement to symbolize innovation and performance. Through the use of interlocking geometric shapes and bold complementary colors, the harmoniously juxtaposed elements suggest that Klépierre is a connected, contemporary company that links retail brands and consumers.

The two main colors also express that the brand inhabits two categories: retail and real estate. While Klépierre is a brand that creates, manages and develops attractive places, it also places the emotional dimension of shopping and consideration for the consumer at the heart of its strategy. The development of this unique strategy comes with an operational promise, “we make it better everyday,” which illustrates the brand’s retail intelligence.

Warmly received by the company’s brand mangers, as well as the press, the new identity was launched in 13 countries, a testament to Klépierre’s fast-paced development.