Finding the missing link

How we helped deliver the successful identity refinement for Kyowon group.





Kyowon Group

Kyowon Group has been at the forefront of the education market as it has worked to establish a proper culture of education and continue its growth. The group has recently expanded further into lifestyle businesses that enrich daily life, such as home electronics and travel. In a project for Kyowon Group, Interbrand set out to establish customer benefits and an emotional convenience-oriented brand identity flexible enough to apply to the group’s affiliates. We also launched a project to develop corporate identity, which will convey a consistent brand image at a wide range of customer interfaces.

Through this project we instilled sympathy and pride within Kyowon for the internal engagement, while externally reworking the group’s image as future-oriented and modern. One of the key goals of the project was to create brand architecture strategies and establish a clear relationship between a visually differentiated corporate brand and affiliated brands. The project is also notable for the establishment of application systems, as it identified the need for a systemic change in the development of designs, depending on whether they are applied to the group’s or to an affiliate’s brand.