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We helped place Lucerne Festival in the limelight.






Nowhere else do so many acclaimed musicians and world famous orchestras gather to present a concert season repertory of different themes. And certainly nowhere else do the classics share the stage with exciting forays into contemporary music.

Thus the festival brand must be positioned precisely, clearly structuring the wide spectrum of offerings and assuring that each and every encounter with the brand is fascinating.

A new corporate identity was developed based on a clear brand position as well as a clearly structured brand architecture.

The new corporate identity presents the music as the true star and continuously allows us to question how we picture music.

We all interprets music differently. Melodies touch our musical imaginations differently. Often, we use forms, structures, and colors to describe emotional experiences and so they too are a major part of the corporate identity.

The circle, for example, highlights the music and focuses on the top-notch performers while arrows symbolize the interaction between musicians and the audience. Both elements are very much present in Luzern. The wide spectrum of sounds presented in colorful circles is indeed an impressive picture – as impressive as the LUCERNE FESTIVAL itself, characterized by a colorful, innovative program.

The new corporate identity places the LUCERNE FESTIVAL in the limelight as a festival with a worldwide reputation and assures the festival a prominent position in the international music scene.