Luxottica’s united vision

A name that stands out and resonates across cultures.






The Luxottica group aimed to unify their charitable eye care organizations (Community I-Care, Gift of Sight and Pearle Vision Foundation) under one global brand name: Give the Gift of Sight. They uncovered a number of challenges.

The name, while extremely effective for its limited regional audience and firmly established as a rallying point within the organization, was diluted in the non-profit sector and could not be secured for global registration. Additionally, it suffered from linguistic difficulties that prevented it from translating across cultures.

After extensive interviews with key stakeholders to understand the strengths and challenges of the current GOS brand and the vision for the organization, we went to work creating the new identity. To ensure the new name would not be subject to the same challenges as Give the Gift of Sight, we leveraged our legal and linguistic disciplines to assess the global viability of all name candidates developed.

Names that passed those risk management filters were brought to life through verbal and visual treatment to help the brand team envision the opportunity of each name and its ability to represent the organization.

Additionally, the Interbrand team presented each creative concept to the brand team in eyeglass cases that had been donated by Interbrand New York and Cincinnati employees as a symbol of our vested interest in the success of the organization.

The Onesight identity, with its descriptive tagline and optimistic logo, was selected for its fit to the organization’s united vision, its ability to stand out in a crowded category and resonate across cultures.

Employee reaction at the internal launch has been extremely positive. The brand just launched publicly with a new website and marketing campaign. We look forward to watching the success of the new identity and its impact on this remarkable organization.