All eyes on the same ball

We helped Molten transfer market share into mind share






Molten enjoys a majority market share and a high profile in Japan. But customers in other global markets did not fully understand the scale and dynamism of the company behind the label. So, we developed a new brand image to define the company as a global leader.

Molten takes games seriously — combining the best in high technology with a commitment to take each sport to a new level. Our new brand platform and statement. “For the real game,” conveys the spirit of the Molten brand simply and succinctly.

Not only did Molten’s new visual identity energize the brand, it also was far more flexible, making it easier to apply to a variety of media — catalogs, websites, ads, and trade show environments

To give further expression to the spirit of the Molten brand we created product (Vantaggio) and technology (Accentec) brand names. Sporting an air of innovation and techno-savvy, they appeal directly to customers.

Taking the brand platform’s principles to heart, a group of up-and-coming managers have opened new channels of communication between departments.

Now, for the very first time, all eyes at Molten are focused on the same ball.