Mahou San Miguel

Making the case for a global corporate identity





Mahou San Miguel

The Mahou San Miguel brewery is best known for Mahou, a brand of pale lager beer for the Spanish market that launched in 1969. While well-established in terms of consumer awareness, preference, and quality, the company needed a strategic visual revitalization in order to adapt to meet its growth targets in Spain and internationally.

A new corporate identity was thus in order to reinforce its international and digital growth ambitions. Already producing three-quarters of Spain’s exported beer, its goal was to expand beyond its base of more than 50 countries to become a truly global brand.

The corporate identity had been built around its commercial brands, but research indicated it lacked its own personality and role. The management team realized they needed to provide the corporate brand with greater content and context in order to achieve the projected growth and business objectives, as well as improve the relationship with key target audiences.

To accomplish this, Mahou consulted Interbrand to define its brand strategy, as well as its verbal and visual identities. The resulting visual identity communicates Mahou San Miguel’s characteristic strength through a clear and distinct typography, as well as a bold red, black and white palette to help imbue the brand with its own distinct personality. The M in the Mahou logo also became the hero and centerpiece of the brand’s new global identity.

The new positioning is articulated around four attributes: development, strength, transparency, and knowledge, values that go back to Mahou San Miguel’s roots. The new image also gives more support to the corporate brand to strengthen its relationship with its stakeholders.

Mahou’s new brand also communicates a coherent and integrated identity that encompasses its touchpoints, including digital and mobile, and reflects its increased global presence as well as its efforts to diversify in order to meet an increasing number of consumers’ needs and tastes.

Refreshed and more relevant than ever, this new corporate image has enabled Mahou San Miguel to move forward on its journey to becoming a preferred beverage maker worldwide.