Turning a great product into an iconic brand

A top Spanish beer brand gets a passionate makeover






Mahou, a leading brand in the Spanish beer market, is recognized for its quality, has good visibility and is a preferred choice among consumers, but its image needed to evolve. The challenge was simple but ambitious: to elevate Mahou to iconic status, boost emotional response, and bring modernity and sophistication to the brand while respecting its heritage.

We inherited a brand platform based on intrinsic product benefits like quality and brewing expertise, but found that the emotional aspect of the brand was undeveloped. While the product attributes Mahou historically emphasized were strong, in order to forge a deeper connection between the brand and consumers, we had to imbue Mahou with emotional attributes. To reach Spanish consumers, we emphasized qualities that reflect Spanish culture such as authenticity, charm, vitality and intensity.

To evoke an emotional response, we ensured that a sense of vitality and exuberance was a constant within all communications and touch points created for the brand. Enlivened and strengthened by the color red, the core of our palette, we incorporated images that implied connection, energy and light to create a visual look that would be striking, sleek and emotionally resonant.

Since our research revealed that the existing typeface was the most influential graphic element contributing to brand recognition and consumer perception of the brand’s modernity, we created a new, customized typography in collaboration with the prestigious type foundry Fontsmith. While the new typography updated the brand and enhanced its unique identity, we went further, developing a brand guide that detailed the logotype as well as the entire graphic system we developed. In the end, we created a visual universe that would set Mahou apart, including a new bottle, an elevated aesthetic and a more expressive image.

With a new brand platform and a bold image to accompany it, Mahou is now expertly aligned and defined. Capturing the spirit of this project, the tag line we crafted articulates a deeper consumer desire and the essence of Mahou’s brand in today’s marketplace: “I’m not simply looking to live each moment, I’m seeking to enjoy it.” Mahou is now positioned as the beverage of choice for those who live with passion.