Thinking inside the box

MTC’s launch packed in a full house.





Melbourne Theatre Company

To accompany the Melbourne Theatre Company’s newly commissioned building, we were asked to design a new sign. We couldn’t help feel that we could do more.

Their architects had created a matrix of intersecting, wireframe boxes which formed the outer shell of the building–a striking representation of the theatre space. We felt that the architecture was so strong that it should influence the visual identity. What better than a branded building? However, we needed some further rationale.

Unlike cinema, which is a two-dimensional form of entertainment, theatre takes on a third dimension as it involves the participation of the audience. The players influence the audience and their response influences the players.

From this, the 3D box was born. It represents a space that we can fill with all manner of emotions, characters, and props. In fact, anything can happen inside the box.

Business cards showed boxes containing explosions while stationery showed numerous boxes filled with fruit. The logo was made of glowing neon—a nod to the heritage of theatre, while alluding to the contemporary nature of the performances showcased by the theatre.

The launch of the new venue was accompanied by the identity, which beautifully complimented the architecture and mystery of this world-class arts organization.