How can we talk about the move from “search” to “match”?

A closer look at how we helped Monster name their advanced job-search tool





Monster 6Sense

The global rollout of Monster 6Sense continues with a launch in the Netherlands in Spring 2013. The company’s semantic search technology is now available in the US, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands.

Semantics is the search for meaning in language; semantic search goes beyond keyword searching, seeking meaning. With patented technology, Monster, known globally as the leader in electronic job boards, created a tool allowing recruiters to better and more quickly access and analyze more relevant resumes in less time.

The brand was looking for a name for its new technology that would help expand consumer perception from seeing Monster as a “searching service” to a “matching service,” pairing talent with careers. Enlisting Interbrand’s help, we worked to create a name that would clearly express the brand’s evolution.

We found that there were so many interesting ways to express the idea of moving from a “search” to a “match.” Re-interpreting the same idea in a variety of different ways allowed us to present a wide variety of options to Monster.

The final name chosen was Monster 6Sense. The name speaks directly to the most unique features of a semantics search, the ability to not only find terms, but to understand context. Monster 6Sense looks at search history and continuously gets smarter about a particular individual, creating semantic “neighborhoods” or “clusters” based on a users’ activity on the site and has the capability to comprehend concepts, including the context of an individual’s talents.

Monster’s preexisting personality is notably strong and bold. We wanted to celebrate this in the new name while connecting the engineering and marketing sides of the company.

Monster’s customers have shared positive feedback with the brand. Darko Dejanovic, executive vice president, Global CIO and head of product for Monster, comments on the brand’s site, “The 6Sense semantic search technology is an extension of our investment in many technology innovations… This investment has consistently delivered significant improvements and value to our customers..."