Adventures in branding

We saved National Geographic US$ 165,000.





National Geographic

Following a brand identity refresh in 2001, National Geographic wanted to roll out a new identity as swiftly as possible, erasing any vestige of former logos and guidelines from its network of licensees, partners, and employees.

Interbrand’s digital brand management solution built a Brand Identity Toolkit to house artwork, templates, a photo library of approved images, and instructions on how the different elements of the identity should be used. User groups were assigned access privileges depending on area of need.

To encourage brand compliance and reward good behavior, we built a showcase section that featured examples of correct and incorrect implementation.

Rollout took place at the National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. across a diverse network of employees and licensees.

It was an adventure worth embarking on. Not only did we elevate National Geographic’s brand integrity, but we also helped them save an estimated total of US$ 165,000 in the first two years of launch.