The Future of NYSE Euronext

Connecting a global community





The Future of NYSE Euronext

As markets move, the world watches closer than ever before.

Media-led conversation, the age of instant information and the shadow of recent economic strains and downfalls have placed exchanges under intense scrutiny.

NYSE Euronext recognized that to stay relevant in this environment, as a leader, a brand and an employer, it was time to signal a change to the marketplace. It was time to realize a vision to redefine what it means to be an exchange and lead an evolution for the industry.

Over two years, NYSE Euronext partnered with Interbrand to activate a powerful positioning into a brand strategy that would become the foundation for a new visual language— an identity to lead the charge.

The objective of bringing diverse markets together inspired us. We shaped an authentic and differentiating creative platform to position NYSE Euronext as the hub of a global community, one that empowers the world’s capital markets to innovate and collaborate across integrated networks, to drive business and opportunity.

The result is a unique visual system that advances the strategic vision of this global leader. At its core is a dynamic new logo that carries the ideas of collaboration and growth forward into a flexible, globally relatable graphic language. As the logo animates, it brings the energy of this theme to life, reflecting diverse elements coming together to create a central point of interaction and activity.

Striking black-and-white imagery touches on the organization’s remarkable heritage and trusted position. The blue and green color palette reflects growth and optimism; the lighter hues convey a commitment to transparency while also standing apart from traditional colors.

With a synchronized global launch on May 14th, 2012, this vibrant identity is more than a signal to the marketplace. It’s a beacon for employees, a rallying cry to continue driving success and lead the future of the industry.

“Our partners at Interbrand have truly captured our strategic platform as a Center of Collaboration,” said Marisa Ricciardi, SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Brand & Event Management at NYSE Euronext. “We are a complex business operating in an increasingly competitive landscape. With expert guidance and creativity, Interbrand has provided our brand with a renewed vigor and presence for the future. And we are very excited about what’s next.”