Healthy living, healthy brand

We helped Osim increase profits by 53 percent.






OSIM’s vision is to be the global leader in healthy lifestyle products, bringing their customers a healthier life by soothing and inspiring their mind, body, and soul. Since its inception, OSIM has grown tremendously, expanding beyond its Singapore home ground.

Our strategy and design teams did an extensive audit of the OSIM brand, its retail environment, and the competitive landscape. From here, we refined the brand platform, with all strategy work stemming from a single big idea – “Good health starts with the right attitude.”

Then, we created a distinctive, compelling, and contemporary design ethic that supported the premium positioning consistently.

A new identity and communications system enabled ease of future execution across all markets and focuses.

OSIM’s new branding elements portrayed its image more effectively, and better connected it to its target audience.

OSIM continued to gain greater market share by engaging actively in overseas expansion and new product development, with recent franchise deals closed in Vietnam and Pakistan, and the introduction of uZap and iGallop. Additionally, it completed a strategic acquisition of Nasdaq-listed Brookstone Inc in Oct 2005.

In Jan 2006, OSIM recorded a net profit increase of 53 percent to US$ 46.7 million, while turnover grew 51 percent to US$ 502.5 million.